Saturday, February 23, 2008

Strobist Preliminaries

For photographers living under a rock: David Hobby over at has created quite a popular sensation with his advocacy and education for strobist photography, his term for the use of smarts and off-camera small-flash photography to elevate images to the next level. If you are one of the few photographers left who haven't seen it, you really need to at least browse through the wealth of information, wit, and wisdom this former Baltimore Sun photographer has to offer.

I, like many, was bitten by the bug and dusted off my old Vivitars to join the fun. Some aspiring strobists struggled a bit with the very beginning basic essentials so I put together a little slide show multimedia thing called Strobist Preliminaries to try to help. Once David mentioned it in his blog, it got 10,000 hits within 24 hours and the response from viewers has been great.

The same thing in true video format is available at Viddler and a typically YouTube-compromised low-quality version is available as well.

This was my first experiment with Soundslides software ( for generating Flash-based multimedia projects. It has a few small idiosyncrasies but, overall, I found it to be very easy and fun to use. Created by and for photojournalists, it's proving to be valuable for a wide variety of uses.

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