Saturday, March 15, 2008

Diffuser Snoot

Here's a do-it-yourself contraption you can build that combines the characteristics of a snoot and a softbox. It consists of 2 nested tubes. In my prototype I made the inner tube from a length of scrap mat board about 4 inches wide bent into a cylinder and taped in place. On both open ends I taped some white tissue paper to serve as double diffusion. This diffusion drum was then rolled into a large tube of black paper about 24 inches wide. The whole thing was about 10 inches in diameter. A flash is fired in one end and diffuse light is sent out the other.

The device has a few interesting characteristics. When up close to the subject it provides nice even diffused light. The inner diffusion drum can be slid within the outer cylinder to change how much hood is exposed beyond the diffuser. This can control how fast the light falls off around the edges. The net result is a nice soft light that falls off quickly around the edges, sort of a spot diffuser.


my-laptop-notebook said...

Paul, I'm from Vestal and, when clicking on my blogger "Vestal" link, I came across you and your web page. Very nice work! I was moved by most of what you "snapped" and methinks you have a way with, not only the camera but...the subject.

Keep up the good work and I'll check back with your site from time to time.


Paul Duncan said...

Wow, I didn't know anyone actually looked at this thing! :-)

Thanks Ray, good to hear from a "neighbor".


Anonymous said...

I happened across your blog and enjoy it, so don't think no one is reading it. People are. We're either too busy to take time for a comment or don't know quite what to say. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a commenter, but I love your site. Very informative. But I wish you'd post more often. :-)

Ilona said...

Dear Paul,

I'm from London, UK and LOVE your site! I find all the information very useful and admire your passion for photography.

I am also a photographer but still mastering my lighting skills and knowledge, hence your blog and video on YouTube are a great help!

I like your images as well. Should you want to look at mine, here are some:

Best regards,

Paul Duncan said...

If I'm not mistaken, I think my goal of 3 readers for this blog may have been achieved! Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Ilona, thank you, I did peek at your work. You are doing some wonderfully creative work with a scope beyond what some of us techno-fussbudgets can get to comfortably. There's so much to learn, including overcoming our own inertias.

Jesse Kaufman said...

Late-comer here (based on the date stamp of the other comments), but it looks like you've definitely passed the 3-reader goal ;) ... great info and as I just got my wireless flash triggers yesterday, I'm interested in all kinds of interesting lighting mods like this! Thanks!

Jesse Kaufman