Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yay Me!

Bear with me for a moment while do a little self-congratulation. A while back I wrote a brief post called Night Sky Shooting which included an image of the Milky Way over Osgood Pond in the Adirondacks. For the heck of it, I submitted this image and a few others to the Adirondack Life magazine's annual photography contest. This image won the grand prize and is published full-page in the April 2009 issue of the magazine.

In addition, another image I submitted (Mossy Cascade Waterfall) won second prize in the color photo category.

I've been a subscriber to Adirondack Life magazine for many years; I've always admired the quality of the writing, design, and photography; but I never participated in their contest (or any other for that matter) until this past fall. So, as a first-timer, I'm quite pleased.

This concludes the self-congratulation blog post. Thanks for your indulgence.


Julie Cortens said...

Very deserving. You should enter more photography contests.

Anonymous said...

congratulations. not only should you join more contests, you should update your portfolio more often. i'm sure you've got a load of images you can upload.