Sunday, May 17, 2009

Of Ground Pods, YouTube, and Codecs

In order to get a bit more familiar with making videos and publishing on YouTube, I put together a short (2 minute) video describing how I made a ground pod and a few ideas on how to use it:

YouTube has recently enhanced their service to support High Definition (HD) videos which is a huge step up from the rather shabby little videos they were previously known for.

It wasn't obvious what mystical combination of tedious steps was required to upload a video that a) worked and b) looked decent. After a few tries, including running into the video darkening that many others have encountered, I finally hit the magic combination. YouTube recommends H.264 encoding using specific bit rates for proper display. My first few attempts packaged the H.264 stream in a Quicktime MOV container which created a huge file that displayed too dark.

Finally, I tried rendering the source video uncompressed into a MOV file and then used a transcoder to produce a H.264 stream in a MPEG-4 container (filetype mp4), creating a file one eighth the size of the MOV/H.264 file and displaying quite nicely given the quality of the original. The alleged experts all say that H.264 (AAV) video and AAC audio are the way to go for the best quality/performance combination and I'm glad I was able to bludgeon one into existence myself.

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